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The Quality of Mercy

A person with the quality of mercy works on such a subtle level that the support given never demeans or implies weakness in the other person.


You never have to be miserable because of someone else’s bad attitude.
Your own attitude is yours to control, and you can do with it what you
please. Others will often attempt to draw you into their negativity.
They may whine, scream, glare, pout, or call you all sorts of names,
but never does it mean that you must pick up on any of it. You can
lovingly and politely choose to stay positive. Simply realize that
another person’s negative attitude is that person’s problem, and does
not have to dictate your behavior in any way. The most powerful
response to negativity is not more negativity. The most powerful,
confident, effective response is to keep yourself focused on moving
positively forward. Smile, and know that you are in control of how
you feel, what you think and how you act. Offer your best, most
sincerely positive face to the world, no matter what kind of faces you
find looking back at you. Rather than being pulled down, you’ll be
lifting up. And that’s a powerful, effective place to be.

Defining Failure

Given below are some definitions of failure:

Soul Sustenance

Imbibing (Absorbing) Spiritual Knowledge

The first step into experience, particularly the meditation experience, is knowledge. What does it mean to ‘know’? Knowing involves four steps, which ultimately give the meditator the experience of realization:

The first step of knowing is information. With information, our intellect opens to new ideas and opinions.

The second step of knowing is knowledge, when we begin to reflect and think on the ideas and views that we have listened to. At this point, we often have to select only a few of the ideas we have heard, as it is not always possible to reflect (think) on all the information that is fed to us. In order to deepen our understanding, we reflect on the information and sometimes discuss our findings and thoughts with others.

The third step of knowing is when we move from thinking to doing, that is, from knowledge to wisdom. Wisdom is gained when we commit ourselves to doing. Knowledge translated into our everyday behaviour is called wisdom, which, in turn, is called quality life. A life of quality is where personal values are not only realised but also lived and experienced through our practical actions.

Doing, or practice, naturally brings us to the fourth and final step of knowing, which is called Truth.

Message for the day

To be merciful means to transform the pain and sorrow of others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris