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YIC life changing experience

Mala swami vivekananda yoga kendra madhun khoop kahi shikayla milala.Tya mule majhya ayushyat khoop kahi badal jhalele ahet.Mala yoga baddal jasta kahi mahit navhta,yoga mahanje vyayam kiva sharirachi charbi kami karne pan hya course mule mala yoga baddal deep mahiti kalali.Hya sarvyache shreya mi Dr. Jagdish Naik siranna dete.YIC mule mala streams of yoga baddal khoop sari mahiti milali.Bhakti mahanje fakt pooja karne he mala mahit hota pan bhakti mahanje true love,emotional culture,saglyat devacha vass ahe he mala hya course mule kalale.Mangesh sirani shikavlele veda,upanishad.Manoj sirani ghetlele perfect asanas,Rajani didi hyanni shikavlele shlokas,Raju siranni ghetlele shuddhi kriya,Asha ma’am ni sopya paddhatit shikavleli anatomy,Vijaya ma’am ni kelele sahkarya mi hyancha manapurvak aabhar manate.Velo veli majhya chuka shudharat siranni dilele mala protsahan ani tya shudharat mi khoop kahi shikat geli.Majhya barobar mala majya gharchya lokan madhe hi zhalele badal disun ale specially majhya muli til badal.Mala he jyan dilya baddal mi majhya sarva gurunche manapasun abhaar mante tasech majya course madhil sarva maitrininche hi abhaar mante jyanni mala nehmich support kela.Thank you

Reena Savardekar

YIC a wonderful journey..

YIC course was a great and different experience.With minimum knowledge of yoga wanted to learn and explore more about it,that was the reason i joined this course.The teaching was very different,unique and interactive.All the teachers here are highly knowlegable and take extra effort to make each and everyone understand what is taught.The syllabus is carefully made and covers everything about yoga which is important for us to know.The course made me understand about myself,why yoga is important for everyone,the positive impact,about prana,breathing,our body and how it functions.The course is intense but fun at the same time.It is also strict and well disciplined which is very important.The trip to Kaivalyadham,Lonavla was a great and new experience.The lecture conducted there was very beneficial.Presentation of report writing there boosted our confidence and took out the fear of facing the crowd.At last,I would thank all the teachers Manoj sir,Mangesh sir,Jagdish sir,Vijaya ma’am,Rajani didi,Raju sir and Asha ma’am for all the valuable knowledge they shared and for the amazing teaching.I would definitely recommend this course to those who wish to get into yoga for the betterment of themselves or for others.

Thank you and god bless.

YIC Batch-Jan 2019


YIC-The Quest begins….

The YIC-Yoga Instructors Course (from Vyasa-Swami Vivekananda Yoga Kendra-Navi Mumbai) was a wonderful way for me to explore and experience yoga, meditation, mantra and mostly emerge at the present moment fully activated and at peace with my body and mind.
The course has given me a good background knowledge of theory, philosophy, breathing awareness, kriyas and many more aspects which I was always curious to know. All the teachers were masters in their art and very supportive but no doubt very strict also at times regarding punctuality, discipline etc. There were times when due to various other responsibilities and commitments I felt like quitting but the urge and the Quest had already begun…. as something new was taught everytime I attended the lecture-this helped me synchronize with the journey smoothly.
The journey to yoga has taught me that true yoga is not performed but it has to be lived. Doing YIC from Vyasa is a privilege – my gratitude to all my respective teachers and friends who were supportive throughout the course.

Padmavathi Mukesh

MY journey of yoga through Y.I.C

Philosophical part done in Y.I.C was a good experience as I got to know about Upanishads,Vedas etc. Practicing asanas with breathing pattern was a new concept for me.Asanas,Suryanamaskar taught here are excellent with deep explaination. Bhajans,mantra chanting conducted here gave me an opportunity to recite sanskrit more prominently by understanding the rhythm and its meaning effectively.The teaching pattern of gurukul system is followed which gives scope of clearing doubts and learning more efficiently.
It’s an excellent course nicely designed by SVYASA bengaluru for beginners.I highly recommend this course for enthusiastic yoga learners.

Anuradha Khandelwal

Anuradha Khandelwal

Experience of Yoga Instructor Course conducted at VYASA center, Navi Mumbai

I feel extremely happy and privileged to admit that the YIC course conducted at the VYASA center of Navi Mumbai is excellent in all aspects. It has been well designed by SVYASA Bengaluru and well executed by Dr.Jagdish Naik, Coordinator of VYASA center, Navi Mumbai and his team. It has given me deep insights into many things including the four paths of Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Surya namaskar, Asanas using 8 step method in all four postures (sitting, standing, supine and prone), Sectional breathing, Pranayama, , Omkar meditation, Cyclical meditation etc. Every topic has been handled nicely and adequately by trained expert faculties. Practical aspect was also covered in details by Manoj Sir to build confidence amongst the students. Kriya sessions were also well conducted. Visit to Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala was extremely enriching in terms of learning in depth aspects about Yoga, working as a team and understanding the expertise and functioning of the institute. Presenting the research report at Kaivalyadhama in front of expert faculties was a unique experience.

It is an extremely good course for beginners in Yogabhyas. All the faculties take extra efforts and interest to give more and more in-depth knowledge to the students. I strongly recommend it to all those who want to take a plunge in the vast ocean of this interesting ancient experiential science of Yoga. It will certainly help them prepare a strong foundation in Yoga.

Wishing Jagdish Sir and his team all the best for future endeavors!

Dr.Manasi Bawdekar


Experience of YIC at Swami Vivekananada Yoga Kendra Navi Mumbai.
Whenever I had heard about Yoga, my interpretation was that it is Asana
& breathing exercises for personal health. When I started doing Yoga I realised
that it’s not only asana & pranayam ,but it’s a eight limbed path which takes one
to self realization. It was learnt in my YIC at Navi Mumbai.
In YIC, I learnt that, Yoga comprises of four parts mainly Raja yoga,
Dnyanyoga, Bhaktiyoga & Karmayoga.Most of us were aware about Raja yoga
as Yoga. I realised Yoga is not only flexibility of body but it teaches you to be
flexible & accommodative in thoughts.
The theory part was really very vast but it was explained in simple and
easy way with all its relevance in day to day life .It was made very interesting
by giving suitable examples. The flow of lecture was too good, which always
created eagerness to learn more n more.
Similarly the yogic practices were done in a wonderful way. Every time we
were doing the practices we were learning something new about it. It was
always felt desire to learn lot more, created thirst for learning a new dimension
about the asana, feel & understand the effect of asana on body part,
experiencing the breathing happening, the differences in different type og
breathing and many more.
Cyclic Meditation was the best part of YIC. It was so relaxing, rejuvenating,
refreshing & truly concentrative. The flow of it was superb, it made more
attentive & alert. Also, the chanting has improved our dialect; it made us get
engrossed in it. All prayers have created an impact after learning it with its
meaning, developed an interest in learning Sanskrit to know it better.
The feather in the cap was the visit to Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala. It was an
the enriching experience overall. This course made me understand that we should
always have an eagerness to learn, whatever we do in life do it as a Karmayogi,
love yourself as Rajyogi, Surrender yourself to that Supreme & all this will
make you truly Yogi.
I am grateful to all the faculties from the bottom of my heart. I would surely
recommend this course in future for its strong fundamentals & conduct of the
course. It made us aware of Swami Vivekanand’s dream & vision.

Rajashri Shinde

It is my pleasure to talk about Kriya.

Hi sir

It is my pleasure to talk about Kriya. It is well organised with expert teachers like Bhandari sir and supported by Nagesh sir,Vijaya mam. July 2017 batch we have been motivated to learn kriya with easy technique thought by you all. Due to this Kriya exam went well and also about ShankaPrakashalana if I Would say more than a totally fresh natural healing day. In a 3 months time i was wonder of your arrangement of teaching techniques. I thank you for all the arrangement from entire our July 2017 batch. Have a healthy life keep blessing batches like this forever.
God bless you
MylaraSwamy KS AND JULY 2017 BATCH.
MylaraSwamy KS