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Rise above the Noise

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We’re surrounded by noise. Then there’s our noisy

thought – thinking head that never seems to cease.

Raise your focus out of the noise and float effortlessly above it all! Rise above the noise to enjoy inner peace.

Focus on your inner peace and the noise in your
thought-thinking head will subside.

Speak Less

We learn a lot about someone’s personality simply by listening to
them. On a gross level it reveals a person’s background, education,
intelligence, wittiness etc. However it also brings to light one’s
attitude and sanskars (personality traits): How much do we live in the
past or future and not the present, do we appreciate the positive
aspects in situations and people, are our words spoken with arrogance
or humility, does my lax nature make me speak inappropriately or does
my intellect first judge the situation, time, person, and consequences
before I allow words to emerge? It pays to ‘Speak Less, Speak Slowly
and Speak Sweetly’ as it creates a place for me in other’s hearts
in no time.

Understanding The Birth Rebirth Cycle 

We subconsciously know that we are souls. Birth, life and death are just stages in existence. In fact all natural processes can be found to have a beginning,  a middle, an end and a new beginning to continue the cycle. The soul takes a bodily form, gives life to it and after a period of time, long or short, leaves it and takes another suited to the continuation of its role. As long as the soul is in the body, the body grows like a plant from baby to child, youth to maturity. It then begins to decay and finally becomes unusable. The moment the soul leaves the body, the body becomes like a dead log of a tree. It immediately starts to decompose and eventually goes back “to dust”.

Again the soul moves into a fetus inside the womb of a mother. After time it emerges as a newborn baby and immediately begins to show the sanskars it had developed in its previous life. It is the same soul but in a new physical situation. Thus death is merely the means by which a complete change of circumstances and environment for the soul takes place. Time never kills the soul, but the body, being a part of nature or matter, obeys the law of decay that everything new becomes old and eventually finishes. The molecular components of this body disintegrate only to re-integrate as another form (body) some time later.

The process of birth-life-death-rebirth is also eternal (without a beginning or an end). It has always been going on and will continue. The soul comes into the body, expresses a role and experiences the results of that for a certain time, then leaves it, and the process starts again. Similarly, souls come into this world, remain here as actors for a number of births and then return to the region from which they come, for rest. This process also starts again. The pattern is a cyclic one. This is called the eternal world cycle.


Soul Sustenance

Meditation to Experience My Inner Beauty 

Experience the following thoughts one after the other: 

I sit in a relaxed position, I am comfortable… I let my body relax, keeping my back straight, my legs supported comfortably on the floor, I breathe deeply… Now I begin to carefully observe my mind… What kinds of thoughts arise in my mind? Are they positive, negative? How are they moving? Slow, fast…

I carefully observe my mind and remember that I can choose my thoughts… Consciously, I begin to redirect my thoughts… I create positive thoughts about myself… I think about my good qualities, I identify a specific quality that is special to me and which I feel makes me a unique being… Perhaps the quality is being tolerant, sweet, patient or affectionate…

I create a space in my inner self to discover my best quality, and for a few moments I think about it… In my mind I see the beauty of this quality and observe how I feel… I am sweet, I am kind, and as I experience these special qualities, I begin to feel better about myself…

Now I imagine using this quality in my interactions with others. How do I feel when I express and put this quality into practice? Using a quality makes me grow, at the same time the good feelings I have about myself as a unique human being also makes me grow…

I enjoy these feelings for a few moments and little by little, breathing deeply, I am aware that I am here; I express my inner beauty…

Message for the day

To fail means there is the need to work a little harder.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris