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Return to Innocence

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Why not have:

Anger, as anger finishes all wisdom;
Ego, as ego finishes regard;
Worry, as worry eats away your life;
Bribery, as bribery  finishes all justice;
Greed, as greed  finishes all honesty;
Fear, as fear eats away a human being.


Deep Silence

When the soul goes deep into silence, easiness emerges. The deeper I go
into silence, the greater will be my power of tolerance. It is in very
deep, extreme silence that the soul becomes elevated. It is in deep,
deep silence that God can come in front of the soul.

 The Spiritual Sculptor And The Piece Of Art

A sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork created by an artisan, a sculptor, by shaping materials which may be hard like wood or stone or soft like clay. God or the Supreme Being also has been remembered as the spiritual sculptor. With that consciousness, I being like a rough living block of wood or stone or a plain piece of clay, place myself in his safe hands. There are three types of faith in this consciousness:-
1. the faith in the Sculptor,
2. the faith in myself and
3. the faith in time.

It’s my first faith, my faith in the Sculptor, in his vision of his finished work i.e. a perfect and complete me, which he foresees, waiting to emerge from my present imperfect self, that allows me place myself in his hands. His vision of perfection is so clear that knowing it, I feel I must regain my original condition. Also when I come in front of God, who is a perfect spiritual being, his love and the knowledge he gives me makes me aware of myself as a spiritual being similar to him. This awareness then reminds me of my original qualities and the spiritual beauty and perfection hidden inside me, which helps me in having the second faith, the faith in myself. I am able to trust the Sculptor, knowing that the knocks I receive will chip away at my weaknesses, and restore my truth and beauty. Initially, I may not know myself completely or have full faith in myself, the second faith, but God, the Sculptor, knows me and has full faith in me, all the Sculptor wants me to do is to be still and patient. Being still means having complete faith in myself and him and being patient means having the third faith – the faith in time. His knowledge and power gives me the strength and courage to be still and patient i.e. strong in all three faiths while he continues his work on me. I should not move or be impatient i.e. not let any of my faiths waiver, otherwise I will not become perfect. There is a vast difference between how God sees me, and how I am at the present moment. Holding the vision that God has of me, I have to just surrender my mind to the Spiritual Sculptor and keep myself in his hands. When I do that, the thoughts inside my mind get focused spiritually on him and as a result I receive his spiritual energy, which reshapes and transforms me. That which is highest and most beautiful in me begins to emerge gradually.


Soul Sustenance

Improving Your Responses By Moving From A State Of Doing To Being 

This is a meditation exercise which you can practice anytime in the day when you are busy interacting with someone or a group of people. At that time, create the thoughts below, very, very slowly in your mind. Experience the essence of each thought

I am a soul and at peace with myself and the world around me… This scene, in which I find myself in, is one of many scenes in which I play a role… Now, I disconnect for a few seconds from what is happening around me… Mentally (not physically), I take a step back and just watch, as an observer, what is happening… I make no judgments – I just observe… As I observe, I see that each soul in the scene is playing their own unique role, according to their capability and understanding, because of which I accept each one completely without any conditions…

I remain patient in allowing this scene to develop in a natural way… I wait for an invitation to participate – it always comes finally… I have no desires from the situation… But, at the same time, I am happy to contribute towards achieving the most positive and effective result… In the meantime I maintain my peace and share the energy of that peace with all around me as this is the most important contribution that I can make… I realize that simply by observing peacefully I am participating positively in this scene…

If you dedicate time to consciously practice the above meditation for a few moments in many actions during the day, you will finally find that you move into this state of just being (while yet doing) very, very naturally. You are not avoiding life or the world around you. Instead, you are learning to take control of your awareness and involvement, disconnect when you want, be more mentally sharp in understanding (what is visible as well as subtle or non-visible) all that is happening around you and give yourself the time and the personal space to respond accurately and positively.

Message for the day

The one who is responsible is the one who constantly has good wishes.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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