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Problem to Solution

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When a problem comes along, do NOT avoid it and
think ‘I can’t do anything about it’.

Believe that problems always come along with a solution.

Create a solution frame of mind and you will find something somewhere. And then, before you know it, other solutions will start popping up, just like popcorn !


It is usually believed that when we are content we finish the desire to
achieve and so we find no improvement in our lives. On the contrary, we
also find that where there is no contentment the mind is disturbed and
we are not able to give our best to whatever we do. Whatever happens
we need to retain the happiness within ourselves. This comes only when
we are content with whatever is happening in our lives. When we create
such an internal environment, we will be able to have the enthusiasm to
achieve more and more.

Connecting To The Qualities Of Others

Meditation adds immense value and depth to my relationships. It also brings closeness in them. Many obstacles and barriers, both on a physical as well as a subtle level, come between me and others when my consciousness and as a result, my perception are struck primarily in the physical dimension. If I hardly know five to ten per cent of myself, and that too mostly on the surface, my relationships are going to be similarly superficial. With my self-respect built on very weak foundations, it will tend to be delicate and I’ll be prone to trying to maintain it by thinking about and focusing my energies on others’ weaknesses, sometimes real and sometimes even imagined. I’ll also find it hard to realize and appreciate their qualities. Such is the state of so many human relationships today.

In meditation, I go into the depths of myself, and deep within my inner being, I find the beauty of peace, love and happiness that is there inside me. I also realize that this same beauty lies inside each soul. Then naturally and very easily, without any effort, I get connected to the same qualities in others. I also find the strength to do the same. I am no longer judgmental seeing others’ temporary sanskaras of negativity. I find qualities that are basically there inside every soul: the original qualities or sanskaras of each spiritual being. It’s like a basic prototype for the whole of humanity, which I deeply see and realize.

Soul Sustenance

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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