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Making Assumptions

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Assumptions are a part and parcel of life. We make so many assumptions about people, places and things.

Assumptions are when we believe something to be true without actually knowing it to be so. We use assumptions as facts in our decision making process.

When our assumptions are wrong, we may hurt others, make things complicated or have a misunderstanding.

So, don’t do it. Don’t assume! Be curious and ask for more information. Take the time to find out the facts.


When things go wrong, the first thought is to control the situations or
the people involved. But since neither the situations nor the people
are in our hands, there is no success in controlling them. This only
further increases the negativity. Instead of trying to control
something that I have no control upon, I need to start with myself. The
more I am able to keep a control on myself with constant attention,
checking and changing, the more I will be able to have everything in

Understanding And Overcoming Fears

We are all afraid of something. We all have fears at some point or other during our lives, and one fear brings about other fears. For example, the fear of death brings about the fear of illness or the fear of accidents. The fear of rejection comes from the fear of being perceived as different. The fear of success or standing out comes of the fear of relating to people. From the fear of failure comes the fear of making mistakes; the fear of taking on risks; the fear of taking decisions, the fear of not being recognized at work. The fear of others includes the fear of the anger and aggressiveness in others, fear that they might reject you, fear that they might judge you.

Eliminating fears and liberating the mind requires a broad knowledge of how our mind and spirit work. Our spiritual conscience has to awaken for us to realize what the origin of our fears is and how to overcome them from the root. Fears are like a tree; we can cut off a branch, but then other branches or fears will grow. We have to go to the root and, even, the seed, to overcome the fears.

Tomorrow we shall list out some of the common fears.


Soul Sustenance

The Mental Microscope 

When the lens of the intellect becomes refined (clean), it is able to examine many things in detail and work like a microscope. In the same way that a microscope is able to detect bacteria and the types of germ that cause particular types of disease, so too the intellect is able to use its microscopic capacity to detect those germs that cause emotional and spiritual illness inside the soul. For example, it is able to examine and understand that the illness of anger comes from the germ of expectation; that the illness of possessiveness comes from the germ of insecurity; the illness of aggression, or forcefulness, comes from the germ of fear and that the illness of stress stems from the germs of worry, doubt and greed. If the germs are seen and understood, then the illness can be cured through the application of appropriate knowledge and meditation.

Meditation, in the form of focused silence, acts like a spiritual laser dissolving the acquired germs and emerging the original healing energies of the self, such as peace and self-respect.

Without this focused silence, it is difficult to remove the germs, even if they are seen and understood. The original innate energy of the soul (mentioned above) is needed for any permanent cure.

Message for the day

Mercy means to give support to the ones who are helpless.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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