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Iceberg of Conflict

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Conflicts are like icebergs. What you see or understand is only a portion of what’s really happening.

So, take time to explore your iceberg of conflict.
Look below the words and actions that fueled the conflict.

Uncover your emotions, unrealistic expectations, preconceived preconceptions and everything else that lies beneath the surface.

Sort out what’s going on inside before you sort things out externally to resolve the conflict.


When I plan perfectly for the day ahead, I sometimes find that I am not
able to implement all that I had planned for. Things seem to be coming
up unexpectedly spoiling everything for me. I am then not able to be
happy with what is happening and so find it difficult to do my best or
what is required for me to do. It is as important to be flexible in my
thoughts as it is to be particular about my daily schedule. Flexibility
allows me to accommodate the unforeseen situations that come up my way
and enables me to make the best use of everything. And so I enjoy
everything that comes my way.

Neutralizing Anger

What is a good neutralizer for anger? Peace you would say. It’s not only peace, but a combination of truthpeace and love, in equal amounts. Truth and peace are the two inner states, which never ever leave us. Both remain permanently within each one of us. We already know, inside our subconscious and sometimes even consciously, the truth about anger and we can call our inner peace whenever we want – it’s there to be used. But what happens in real life situations is that we lose awareness of what is true i.e. the truth that anger is harmful and the truth of ‘who I am’. And we also forget the practice of peacefulness because some negative situation or experience temporarily blocks our access to the peace of our heart.

Peace is also deeply connected with love and we all have experienced many a times that it is impossible to feel loving and angry at the same time. Both cannot co-exist. In fact it is love that is the healing balm for our heart, that we our self have stabbed and wounded by indulging in many anger habits since we were young. But what happens is that we search for love and peace from the hearts of others. That means we have not yet realized that we already have what we search for, within our own hearts. To heal the wounds of anger, which can be in different forms like irritation, resentment, hatred, revenge, rage, etc., it is essential to rediscover the truth of who we are and the peace and love of what we are.

Soul Sustenance

Message for the day

Concentration develops when the intellect is clean and clear.

In Spiritual Service,
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