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Determined Thoughts

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Before starting any task, first of all, sow the seed of a determined thought.

Especially if you have self-doubts or feel that the task is too difficult for you, think: ‘I can do it.’ ‘I am capable.’ ‘Anything is possible if I put my mind to it.’

Determination is the key to success. So, use that determined thought to propel you forward.

Eliminate Wastage

When the auditors are coming, everyone is on their toes. It is time to
give account of what has gone on. All the details we regarded as
unimportant before now are most vital. It is easy to perform action but
when it is time to give an account for those actions, unless we have
done our best at all times, there is not a good feeling. To do our duty
to ourselves, our country and to God is a good thing. To do our best at
all times brings a blessing of peace of mind. Useless expenditure and
wastage prevents us from doing our best. Even if we do not value
materials, energy and time, the fact remains that they are valuable and
sooner o later an account has to be given one way or the other. We may
feel that no one is aware of our wastage. Accounts are kept not only in
books but in the Laws of the Universe. Keep a check on yourself daily
and you will find ways to eliminate wastage.

The After Effects Of Anger

If realized deeply, it’s alright to conclude that anger destroys. If it doesn’t destroy our physical body (that too it manages to do in the long term), it definitely destroys our capacity to be creative. And after all the very purpose of our life – is to be creative. So in short, anger deviates us from reaching our very purpose of life. Anger is never every good for health – mental or physical; never ever positive or empowering and never ever allowable or justified. Many authors of self development books, philosophers, psychologists and experts on the human nature have argued that anger is a natural, biological and psychological response which is an integral part of human sanskara and life. While this can be respected as a point of view, it is not at all true.

From a spiritual perspective, which means a view based on the absolute truth because the word ‘spiritual’ means that which is the truth, anger is never ever natural or beneficial. While we are all used to getting angry, each one of us to different extents; on a little introspection, we will realize that it drains us out and is counter-productive. Anger is an absolutely unwanted emotion if we want to live a peaceful, contented and blissful life. It totally destroys the ability to create meaningful and deep relationships based on trust and respect and brings the efficiency of our actions, performed at the workplace, at home or anywhere else, down. If we believe in the necessity of anger, we need to stop for a while and reflect deeply and see if we can see how it is a huge obstacle to our own contentment and fulfillment, and how it negatively influences the contentment and fulfillment of those around us.

Soul Sustenance

The Causes of Fear 

Fear can be caused by:
• Ignorance – When you don’t know how your colleague in office is, or when you don’t know the intentions of the other, you are afraid. When you don’t understand, you are afraid.
• A lack of inner preparation for the situation – For example, if you go unprepared to an exam, you will be afraid of failing it.
• A lack of clear knowledge on how to avoid or recognize actions that bring about situations which are dangerous for one’s well-being.
• Insecurity in general and specifically, about your qualities and your own capacity.
• Lack of faith in yourself.
• Mistrust.
• The inability to open oneself.

Tomorrow we shall discuss some more causes of fear.

Message for the day

The breath of a true life is enthusiasm.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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