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Creative Writing

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Put yourself in a creative space and make time to write.
Write poetry, fiction, anything.

You don’t have to write for anyone, just write for yourself. Don’t let the rules of language become a barrier.

Evoke a moment in time, a person, an event, an impression, a feeling, an insight.

Give voice to the deep and meaningful part of yourself.

Be creative, be honest, be brave and write.

Personal growth

When someone says something that I don’t like, I usually see the other
person’s negativity and continue to find fault with him. This is
usually because I am not able to understand the particular situation. I
need to recognize the fact that people in my life are there for a
reason and I can learn from everything that happens through my
interactions with them. Recognizing this fact will stop me from blaming
others and start using each teaching for my own personal growth.

Internal And External Attachments

Attachment can be on two levels – either internal or external.

Some common examples of external attachments are attachments to:

* people,
* objects,
* your physical body,
* your position or role in your family, society or in your professional field,
* money,
* places,
* physical comfort/comforts,
* the way you look or dress up or carry yourself or your physical personality in general,
* a particular skill/skills,
* a particular interest or hobby like watching movies, online social networking, etc.
* your routine or a certain way of working at home or at the workplace,
* respect from others,
* how people see you or behave with you or what they think of you, etc.

Soul Sustenance

Turning Qualities Into Powers 

There are interesting spiritual parallels to the way the physical sciences differentiate energy and power. In physical terms, energy is defined as the capacity of doing work. Power is defined as the rate of doing work.

Similarly, we can look upon spiritual energy as our capacity for experiencing the original qualities of the soul. We all have this capacity, but to different degrees. Spiritual power is then seen as the extent to which we put these qualities to work in difficult situations and in our relationships. Spiritual power helps us remain in a state of truth, in the face of the various tests that come. Also, our actions and relationships give us an opportunity to utilize the power we have accumulated.

The qualities of God experienced in meditation are also the original qualities of the soul, but the link with God is essential for us to enhance these qualities inside us. In fact God, too, needs the connection with us, despite having these qualities to the highest degree, in order to exercise his power to restore truth to the world.

There are eight key spiritual powers (power to tolerate, accommodate, face, pack up, discriminate (or discern), judge (or decide), withdraw and co-operate) in terms of their application in everyday life – all of which we have discussed and shared with our readers previously.

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