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Iceberg of Conflict

Iceberg of Conflict

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Conflicts are like icebergs. What you see or understand is only a portion of what’s really happening.

So, take time to explore your iceberg of conflict.
Look below the words and actions that fueled the conflict.

Uncover your emotions, unrealistic expectations, preconceived preconceptions and everything else that lies beneath the surface.

Sort out what’s going on inside before you sort things out externally to resolve the conflict.


When I plan perfectly for the day ahead, I sometimes find that I am not
able to implement all that I had planned for. Things seem to be coming
up unexpectedly spoiling everything for me. I am then not able to be
happy with what is happening and so find it difficult to do my best or
what is required for me to do. It is as important to be flexible in my
thoughts as it is to be particular about my daily schedule. Flexibility
allows me to accommodate the unforeseen situations that come up my way
and enables me to make the best use of everything. And so I enjoy
everything that comes my way.

Neutralizing Anger

What is a good neutralizer for anger? Peace you would say. It’s not only peace, but a combination of truthpeace and love, in equal amounts. Truth and peace are the two inner states, which never ever leave us. Both remain permanently within each one of us. We already know, inside our subconscious and sometimes even consciously, the truth about anger and we can call our inner peace whenever we want – it’s there to be used. But what happens in real life situations is that we lose awareness of what is true i.e. the truth that anger is harmful and the truth of ‘who I am’. And we also forget the practice of peacefulness because some negative situation or experience temporarily blocks our access to the peace of our heart.

Peace is also deeply connected with love and we all have experienced many a times that it is impossible to feel loving and angry at the same time. Both cannot co-exist. In fact it is love that is the healing balm for our heart, that we our self have stabbed and wounded by indulging in many anger habits since we were young. But what happens is that we search for love and peace from the hearts of others. That means we have not yet realized that we already have what we search for, within our own hearts. To heal the wounds of anger, which can be in different forms like irritation, resentment, hatred, revenge, rage, etc., it is essential to rediscover the truth of who we are and the peace and love of what we are.

Soul Sustenance

Message for the day

Concentration develops when the intellect is clean and clear.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Die Alive

Die Alive

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To the unenlightened, death comes but once a lifetime. To those who have chosen to become enlightened there are a thousand chosen deaths before it’s time to leave the body and move on. This kind of death is the releasing off all our attachments, from false identity to opinions, from people to possessions. Cutting the subtle threads of attachment frees the spirit from fear, and when the time comes to move on, it’s like ‘shooting the breeze’. Dying alive is simply letting go of all you hold fast to in your mind. It doesn’t actually mean losing anything, simply changing your relationship with the things in your life today. The greatest pleasure for every soul is the result of choosing the living death called detachment. Why? Because attachment is a form of slavery, and it all takes place in our own minds. And the result of detachment?  Real freedom.


When we are faced with difficult situations, we usually tend to have a
feeling that we have no resources or are not able to make the best use
of the resources within for best results. Thus we are not able to
experience real progress. On the other hand we only tend to experience
a lot of negative feelings. When we learn the art of being stable in
the most negative situations, we know how to use the treasures that are
hidden within ourselves. Our mind is no longer disturbed with waste or
negative thoughts and we find it easy to face and learn from each and
every situation.

Self Responsibility 

Because we have forgotten the principle of karmic returns (discussed yesterday), we have learned to avoid taking responsibility for many of our actions. We fail to see the impact of our actions upon others and we fail to see that the real meaning of responsibility is ‘responding correctly’. Life can be seen as a series of responses which we each create in our interactions with other people and events. As is the quality of our ability to respond (energy given), so will be the quality of the return (energy received). The Laws of Karma also serve to remind us that the situations in our life, the quality of our body, wealth, relationships etc. and the type of person we are today are the result of what we thought and did yesterday, last month, last year, perhaps in our last birth. Many people do not like this idea or find it difficult to accept because most of us have been taught that our destiny lies in someone else’s hands or in the hands of fate or luck, about which we can do nothing. The Law of Karma or the Law of Reciprocity teaches us that there is no such thing as luck and that whatever happens to us today is the result of our positive or negative actions in the past. If you spend a few moments reflecting on events in your life, without being judgmental, you will begin to see connections between actions and results, causes and effects. When you see how all effects have their causes, you will then be convinced that this universal law is at work in your life at all times.

Soul Sustenance

Different Shades Of Attachment To Opinions And Ideas 

The attachment or detachment to one’s ideas not only comes into play while giving an idea or opinion, but even when accepting or receiving or listening to an idea from another person from the group. The more the attachment to one’s own ideas, the more will be the tendency to resist or reject the other’s idea. A particular person, with the objective or resisting or rejecting the idea:
* might try to do the same through different means like putting up a seemingly valid or even an invalid objection to the idea in front of the whole group which may seem very reasonable to the group and may be taken or accepted by the group or the person objecting may try to ensure that happens or
* he/she may quietly disassociate from the group if the group begins showing interest in the idea (sometimes the influence of the position of the person is such that this kind of disassociation very easily manages to reduce the energy of interest of the group in the new idea) or also
* might present a new idea to the group, which manages to divert the attention of the group, etc.

Sometimes the person rejecting the idea is aware of the fact that he/she is rejecting the idea because of the inner attachment to his ideas, but will not admit it in front of others and sometimes he/she might not even be slightly aware of the fact; the attachment is too subtle to realize. Others might realize their attachment, but they might not themselves. And if someone to point out their inner attachment, they might even react, because where there is attachment, there is fear that the other’s idea will be accepted and yours will not. Attachment to one’s ideas fills the energy of ‘I am right’ in any situation. Overcoming all sorts of attachment to ones ideas is one of the foremost steps that we can take to bring about harmony in all types of relationships.

Message for the day

To have tolerance means to be stable.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Depth of Humility

Depth of Humility

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Humility means to understand the self and through that to understand others as well. Humility is the attitude where a person is not attached to his or her opinion and feelings. Humility is the most natural expression of truth. It helps in better understanding of truth. Humility is the basis for maintaining self-respect. Humility does not mean bowing down and being subservient to others. Humility allows you to see benefit in everything. Developing humility brings a lot of comfort and ease into your life.

Forgive and Forget

Most of the times we are slaves of the past. Although the situation
has become past, we tend to think of it again and again. We are
neither able to forget the past nor are we able to forgive. We
continue to create the same thoughts and the same feelings again and
again. Thus we find that we are just caught up in the past, and we are
not able to learn from it. In order to move forward to the future, we
need to free our mind of the past. If we learn from the past, with
this learning we can move forward. We need to forgive and forget. We
can forget only when we forgive and we can forgive only when we learn.
When we take the learning from every situation, we are able to be free
from being a slave of the past.

A New Journey With A New Personality (

Famous personalities are constantly sought after, in demand and remembered by many due to their specialties, may they be actors, gurus, sportsmen, politicians, founders of religions etc. Even in our daily lives, we tend to remember people with more specialties much more than the rest. God is the most complete and perfect personality that exists, but not a physical personality, a spiritual one. There is no one who is more specialty and virtue-filled than him. That is the reason he is an entity or living energy or personality who is remembered the most by each and everyone all over the world.

The above types of personalities mentioned are physical personalities and are remembered by some or many but not remembered by the rest and along with their specialties, they definitely have shortcomings. Also, you might find it difficult getting to meet them even for a few minutes. God is one personality without any weaknesses and he is my constant friend, once I start my journey. He is one who, although being the highest personality, can be available to thousands making a similar journey at the same time, not because he is omnipresent (present everywhere) but because he is omnipotent (the most powerful) and the only being possessing this capability. So, a specialty of this journey is that the more I progress on it and the more time I spend with this new personality accompanying me in my new journey, I constantly see new facets of this new personality being revealed in my life, which keeps the journey constantly refreshing. This also keeps me wondering what is going to be revealed next. So, once this journey of exploration and discovery has started, there’s no reason to stop even for a second and there is immense amount of motivation to continue and keep smiling!

Soul Sustenance

The Law of Surrender 

According to what or whom your mind thinks consistently of, you will take on the form of the object or the person to which you have surrendered. We can see this in children, when they transfer their minds to actors they see on television, and then begin to behave like them.

What is the highest form to which we can surrender our self? There may be several answers to this question in our mind. Choose the truth from among them. So what is the truth?

Spirituality gives us answers to questions like: Who am I? Who is the Supreme Being? What is my relationship with him? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of my existence? What is the importance of the present time? How can the Supreme Being empower me at the present time?

The answers to these questions show us the way to surrendering our mind to the Supreme Being, which is the highest entity to which we can surrender. When we do that, gradually we get colored by his knowledge, virtues and powers.

Message for the day

The habit of thinking positive finishes negative. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris



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Love dissolves hate.

Kindness melts cruelty.

Compassion calms passion.

Co-operation evokes love and when we bow, others bend.

This creates harmony.


When difficult situations come our way, we generally are not able to be
confident of our success. So although there is a chance to do
something, we are not able to give our best. Each new situation is
perceived as a threat. Once fear creeps in, the situation further
worsens and all chances of success are gone. When we are determined we become confident of our success.

 With this confidence we are able to
do everything necessary till we succeed. We never let go of anything
half way, but see to it that the task is completed. With every
obstacle our determination further increases, thus enabling us to
progress at every step. So we find ourselves getting better and better
and there is success for us constantly.

A New Journey With A New Personality

Anyone who shows an inclination in getting to know the Supreme Being closely has a fascinating journey in front of them. Spiritual knowledge is the vehicle in which I make this extremely interesting journey full of exploration. Without sitting in the vehicle, I cannot make the journey. As I sit in this vehicle, I am introduced to this new, multi-faced, peaceful, loveful and blissful character in my life, a character who is spiritually rich with treasures of knowledge, virtues, powers, happiness and blessings, a character commonly called God, by everyone.

He is a character who introduces himself as being just a point of conscient light, a form very simple and plain. Yet, hidden beneath that simple light, incognito form is an immense volume of experience, wisdom and depth, such that even a lifetime spent in this journey, in his company, does not bring you to knowing him completely. The more you dive into the ocean of knowledge contained within the light, the more you discover and the more treasures of knowledge and experiences you receive. Every time you make contact with this new found companion called God, there is growth inside you and there is an increase of peace, love, happiness and power inside you. It’s just as if after you’ve begun this journey, you’re never quite the same again. However much time you spend in his company during the journey, whether it be in imbibing knowledge from him or remembering him during meditation or even sharing the benefits of this journey to other friends and relatives so that they can also start this journey themselves and experience what you are experiencing; whether you do either of these for a few minutes or an hour, there’s always an experience of subtle growth and development inside you.

Soul Sustenance

Understanding  and Overcoming Fears 

Listed below are some of our common fears:

• Dying
• Getting ill
• The unknown
• Loneliness
• Other people
• Authority
• Being rejected
• Being hurt
• Failure
• Change
• The future
• Being
• Being free
• Thinking and being in a different way
• Losing control
• Dreaming and making our dreams real

From these fears many other fears and blockages emerge.

Message for the day

The one who is aware of one’s fortune enables others to experience their fortune too. 

In Spiritual Service

Brahma Kumaris

Thoughts, Words and Deeds

Thoughts, Words and Deeds

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Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.

True Contentment

Many times I find that my words, actions or behavior tend to upset
others in spite of my not wanting to hurt them. I seem to be very happy
with the situation, but others don’t seem to be. At that time I am not
really able to understand the reason for this and I consider the others
to be unreasonable. I need to check myself when others are getting
upset with me. I need to make effort to check and change myself
constantly so that I am able to move along with the demands of time.
This is what will bring about true contentment – such contentment that
neither will I be upset nor will I upset others.

Being A Good Transformation Agent

Often, we feel ourselves to be victims of different factors that seem to direct the course of our life without us being able to control them. The world does not seem to dance to our music and our will, and we feel ourselves to be victims because things do not work out or are not as we want. Therefore, we give up and decide to resign ourselves to this reality; to be victims of it and observe passively (non-actively), resisting what comes, getting frustrated and bad-tempered. However, we could position ourselves in another way: being transformation (change) agents (the ones who are able to change the external factors like people or situations) by creating a different reality. To do so we have to change our perception. Also, it is necessary to strengthen our capacity to tolerate, accept, let go and forget. Tolerance here also refers to understanding, love and compassion (kindness). Not to put up with people or things, but to remain above them, to go beyond them; to co-operate with trust and motivation. It is difficult for us to tolerate because we have expectations and pre-conceived ideas of how others should act and be. Then we create negative feelings towards them because they are not like that or don’t act in the manner that we want. This makes our relationship with them difficult.

When your vision towards others is positive, you see their qualities, their efforts and their values instead of their defects and their errors. You are open to listening to them and to understanding their intentions. That way it is easier to have good feelings towards them. Basing ourselves on a positive and objective vision and on good feelings, we do not have to put up with, or even tolerate the other – the relationship becomes streamlined.

Soul Sustenance

Understanding The True Self And The False Self 
The illusory (false) self is made up of desires that, even when fulfilled, fail to add value, or a sense of worth to the self. In fact, quite the opposite process happens.

Let us examine some of these illusions and how they give us a mistaken sense of value.

Illusion (False emotion): Ego
Thought: I know, I am
Result: Arrogance, inflexibility, controlling others

Illusion (False emotion): Anger
Thought: I expect
Result: Force, aggression

Illusion (False emotion): Attachment
Thought: I own, It’s mine
Result: Insecurity, possessiveness, jealousy

Illusion (False emotion): Greed
Thought: I want, I need
Result: Emptiness, wanting, dissatisfaction

Illusion (False emotion): Lust
Thought: I desire
Result: Exploitation, misuse, emotional dependence

These are the five fires that burn away the quality of human life: uncontrolled emotions that once, in their original pure state, gave happiness and peace to the individual but now create only emptiness and sorrow.

Message for the day

To have the awareness of being God’s instrument is to bring about a positive change.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Life is a Work in Progress

Life is a Work in Progress

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Life is not something that can be rushed.
Things take time, lots of patience and hard work.
It is a continual process of learning.

Build upon each lesson to constantly refine who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Count your Blessings!

What a great blessing it is to have God as a friend, with a heart so
trusting you may safely bury all your secrets in it, who can relieve
your cares by His conversations, your doubts by His counsels, your
sadness by His good humor and whose very looks give you comfort.

Being A Good Transformation Agent 

If you go inside yourself and observe, with sincerity, your feelings towards someone that you consider unbearable or intolerable, you will see that your perception (way of looking at them), your expectations and your bad feelings make you feel that the other is unbearable or intolerable. You have allowed the other to influence you in the creation of your bad feelings. You have lost compassion (kindness) and the capacity to accept and understand the other.

Being a good transformation (change) agent requires having full control over your inner world. If you are the victim of your rapidly moving mind, your bad feelings, your aggressive emotional states and of your not-very-healthy habits, you will easily feel yourself to be the victim of others, of circumstances, of time and of society. In relationships, the key is in living with your consciousness awake and not to do anything that your conscience does not agree with. In doing so, you don’t have to fear the opinion of others. You don’t have to feel insecure or doubt yourself. If not, we will continue to act against our own consciousness and we will feel ourselves to be victims. To avoid pain or the unhappiness that arises automatically when we act against our own consciousness, we look for guilt excuses: “Because of… I haven’t acted as I should.” We blame or we make excuses. That way we suppress the voice of our consciousness until the suffering and unhappiness is such that our conscience scolds us, which increases our unhappiness even more. A good transformation agent will always obey the voice of the inner conscience. By remaining in tune with our conscience and creating right thoughts, words and actions, it becomes easier for us to move from victim consciousness to transformer consciousness (one who brings about change).

Soul Sustenance

The Search for Peace, Love and Happiness

We are constantly searching for true values. In consciousness we mistakenly think that the physical world and physical relations can provide us peace, love and happiness. However peace, love and happiness are not the properties of matter, nor of the physical identity, but the true properties or characteristics of the soul. This has to be realized.

Imagine a scene in which you are surrounded by all your favourite things; food, music, fragrance, scenery and companions. Just about to enjoy your meal, the telephone rings and you are told that a person close to you has just died. Instantly, that scene of “favourites” melts into a distasteful and superficial experience. Something has happened that shakes the soul and it can no longer enjoy those things. At the same time it finds itself powerless in the face of the bad news as understanding and power are missing. Life is full of experiences such as this and it becomes clear that physical things are not the sources of peace, love and happiness, but that understanding and inner strength are.

One of the basic facts of human psychology is that we do not seek or desire something that has not been experienced previously. For example, if one has never tasted a mango, there cannot be a burning desire to have a mango. This suggests that desires might be arising from previous life experiences. In fact, it is impossible for a human being to act or desire outside the field of his or her own experience. The search for peace, love and happiness is so fundamental to the human spirit because these are the original and true qualities of the soul itself.

Message for the day

Accuracy brings perfection and speciality in all that is done.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Making Assumptions

Making Assumptions

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Assumptions are a part and parcel of life. We make so many assumptions about people, places and things.

Assumptions are when we believe something to be true without actually knowing it to be so. We use assumptions as facts in our decision making process.

When our assumptions are wrong, we may hurt others, make things complicated or have a misunderstanding.

So, don’t do it. Don’t assume! Be curious and ask for more information. Take the time to find out the facts.


When things go wrong, the first thought is to control the situations or
the people involved. But since neither the situations nor the people
are in our hands, there is no success in controlling them. This only
further increases the negativity. Instead of trying to control
something that I have no control upon, I need to start with myself. The
more I am able to keep a control on myself with constant attention,
checking and changing, the more I will be able to have everything in

Understanding And Overcoming Fears

We are all afraid of something. We all have fears at some point or other during our lives, and one fear brings about other fears. For example, the fear of death brings about the fear of illness or the fear of accidents. The fear of rejection comes from the fear of being perceived as different. The fear of success or standing out comes of the fear of relating to people. From the fear of failure comes the fear of making mistakes; the fear of taking on risks; the fear of taking decisions, the fear of not being recognized at work. The fear of others includes the fear of the anger and aggressiveness in others, fear that they might reject you, fear that they might judge you.

Eliminating fears and liberating the mind requires a broad knowledge of how our mind and spirit work. Our spiritual conscience has to awaken for us to realize what the origin of our fears is and how to overcome them from the root. Fears are like a tree; we can cut off a branch, but then other branches or fears will grow. We have to go to the root and, even, the seed, to overcome the fears.

Tomorrow we shall list out some of the common fears.


Soul Sustenance

The Mental Microscope 

When the lens of the intellect becomes refined (clean), it is able to examine many things in detail and work like a microscope. In the same way that a microscope is able to detect bacteria and the types of germ that cause particular types of disease, so too the intellect is able to use its microscopic capacity to detect those germs that cause emotional and spiritual illness inside the soul. For example, it is able to examine and understand that the illness of anger comes from the germ of expectation; that the illness of possessiveness comes from the germ of insecurity; the illness of aggression, or forcefulness, comes from the germ of fear and that the illness of stress stems from the germs of worry, doubt and greed. If the germs are seen and understood, then the illness can be cured through the application of appropriate knowledge and meditation.

Meditation, in the form of focused silence, acts like a spiritual laser dissolving the acquired germs and emerging the original healing energies of the self, such as peace and self-respect.

Without this focused silence, it is difficult to remove the germs, even if they are seen and understood. The original innate energy of the soul (mentioned above) is needed for any permanent cure.

Message for the day

Mercy means to give support to the ones who are helpless.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Live Lightly

Live Lightly

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When you live with an awareness of your inner being, then your qualities of peace, love and happiness shine like light.

When you’re light, others experience warmth and radiance that enlightens their own path.

Make sure you understand what causes you to become heavy. Then find quick and easy methods to lighten yourself. And then try to maintain this lightness.


The soul needs strength to deal effectively with day to day situations,
as demanding as they are, and yet be able to pack up useless thoughts;
to be able to take time out for itself, to store the power of peace
from the Ocean of Peace. If the soul does not recharge itself it will
lose the courage and enthusiasm. We need the strength to continue the
fight for right, even though the forces of wrong grow strong.

Experiencing The Stage Of Being A Detached Observer

Experience the stage of being a detached observer by gradually creating the following thoughts:

I am aware of the present moment and of time… The whole world is out there… I let go for a moment of what is happening around me… It is as if the world continues to turn, but I have stopped for a few minutes and turned into an observer… Mentally, I take a step back… I look around me as if I were in the inside of a room… the room of my mind… In this place, I can be with myself… at peace… calm… free… Here I do not have pressures, or worries, or fears… Nothing and nobody can influence me… I can think… see things as they really are…

I am sitting like an observer, seeing through two windows… These windows are my eyes… I am not my eyes… I am aware of who is looking through these eyes, a tiny sparkling star like energy, the soul… I am different from everything I am seeing… I perceive that separation between the observer and the observed… I observe the things that surround me without judging, without analyzing… I simply observe, remaining at peace with myself…

I see this world as a stage of a great unlimited theatre play… each human being is an actor, a soul playing their own role via their physical body… I simply observe from my inner room… things come and go… nothing is permanent… I do not need to worry about anything or anybody… I let things be… flow… I am at peace… calmed… I share this vibration of peace with all that surrounds me.

Soul Sustenance

Is the Supreme Soul (God) Really Omnipresent (present everywhere)? 

Is it really true that the Supreme Soul (God) is present everywhere, in each atom in the entire universe? The sun is in one place yet its influence can be felt throughout the solar system to different degrees in different places, providing a source of heat and light, needs absolutely essential for our physical life. The closer one is to the sun, the greater the effect. In the same way God, the one who is the ocean of perfect characteristics, the source of all spiritual needs, does not have to be omnipresent (present everywhere) in order to be with us wherever we are. He can be in one location and we can still experience his closeness.

If God were literally omnipresent and thus in every atom, where is this love, peace, joy and wisdom? Are they present in every atom in this human world? If God is present inside me, how could ignorance have come to me in the first place? Can ignorance come to God? If God is omnipresent to where or to whom do I turn my thoughts? Just as a radio transmitter emanates waves throughout the world and a receiver, if tuned in, will pick them up, so too if the mind is tuned totally to the material world and physical activities, then I am unable to experience God practically in my daily life. Even though He always radiates His qualities, I can only pick up those transmissions if I am soul-conscious and if I turn my thoughts in His direction to His location. If God were omnipresent, there would be no meaning to the tradition throughout all cultures to have special places set aside (e.g. temples and churches) for worship. In those special places, is God more omnipresent than in other non-sacred places? If God were omnipresent, are the ones who are so-called “God-realized beings” more “God” than the ones who have not realized?

Message for the day

Determination fills a thought with power.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Take Time to Laugh

Take Time to Laugh

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Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul.

Take time to think, it is the source of power.

Take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom.

Take time to love and be loved, it is a God-given privilege.

Take time to work, it is the price of success.

Free from Weaknesses

The normal reaction to negative situations (situations that hold a
threat for me) is to react with negativity (with my weakness). But the
problem with such a reaction is that each time I use my weakness it
only gets further strengthened, and becomes a part of my nature. I need
to remind myself that only when I free myself from my weaknesses can I
bring benefit to myself or to others. This thought will enable me to
constantly check myself and put in constant effort to change myself too
in overcoming my weaknesses.

Maintaining Positivity

When we feel ourselves to be surrounded by violence, suffering and pain, we find it difficult to sustain hope. We need to understand the causes of that suffering, to go to the root that brings it into being, since only thus will we be able to keep the light of hope on. Understand that pain is a sign that indicates to us that something has to change. If your tooth didn’t hurt you wouldn’t go to the dentist nor would you realize that something in your tooth isn’t working. In the same way, emotional and mental pain suggests to us that something is not right. Understanding the signs that suffering brings us helps us to accept the causes of the pain and to generate the power to transform or change it. Out of understanding, acceptance and being willing to change, we relieve the pain and keep hope alive.

In spite of all the international, national, local, family and personal conflicts that there may be, there are many positive things to be happy about. There are more and more people becoming aware of the importance of personal development, and of taking care of oneself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. There is a list of positive things and situations to be happy about. Be grateful for and discover the benefit that there is behind everything that happens. All of it helps you to strengthen hope in yourself, in others and in humanity.

Soul Sustenance

Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation – 

The Power To Discriminate 

Meditation gives me a discriminating eye – an ability to discriminate between truth and falsehood. It does this by helping me maintain a consciousness that helps me rise above competing claims to truth – the different ideologies and opinions, reasons and analyses, justifications and stories related to a situation – which can be so confusing.

The image of discrimination is the jeweler, who, with the help of his eyeglass, sorts out real diamonds from false. Meditation opens my third eye, the eye of pure consciousness. When I look at the world through this eye, truth is not just an intellectual idea, but an experience of the heart. When I think and act in ways that maintain and deepen this experience of truth, I know I am moving in the right direction. Conversely, I discover that thoughts and behaviours that cloud or hide the experience of truth are coming from falsehood, no matter how much I or others may try to justify them. So, meditation gives me a reliable basis for discriminating the value in different courses of action: will this help me recover my truth, or take me further into falsehood? Will it maintain the flow of love, peace and happiness in my heart, or will it cause a blockage? Previously, I may have been easily swayed by other people’s demands and opinions, or by illusory ways of thinking arising from my own negativity. Like a good lawyer, the intellect is very clever at arguing its case, regardless of where the truth may lie. But, when truth is experienced in and from the heart, there is no arguing with it. Deeply experienced truth clears my mind of irrelevancies created due to possessiveness, greed, desires and ego. As I learn to create pure, positive thoughts, and connect with the divine, it is as though a flow of clear, fragrant water gradually displaces the mud and rubbish in my intellect, enabling me to see reality or truth again.

Message for the day

True royalty lies in humility.
In Spiritual Services

Brahma Kumaris



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Just as the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys are used to interrupt the operation of a malfunctioning program on your computer, sometimes, we too, need to interrupt our mind by exercising Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Ctrl (Control): Take control of your life, take 100% responsibility and clearly understand what you want.

Alt (Alternate): Look for alternatives to get different results. See things with a different perspective.

Del (Delete): Delete all negativity in your life including attitudes and habits that are not working for you

Real Change

From all that happens, there is usually a lot of learning from which we
can take important lessons. But sometimes we find ourselves making the
same mistakes again and again. So although we have understood we are not able to bring about real change. Once we realize and learn from a
mistake that has happened, we need to spend some time in understanding
it even further. We need to ensure we don’t ever repeat the same
mistake. This will enable us to bring about real change.

The Creations Of The Mind

Scientists have learned a lot about our physical functioning, but most admit that what actually keeps a human being alive is a mystery not completely solved. Rising above being just a product of chemical and electrical activity in the brain, as believed by many of us, spirituality orients me and trains me to come close to my real self, my spiritual self. Before I was a stranger to my own self, unaware of what is going inside my consciousness and distant from my own self. The first step in coming close to myself is that I learn to use the energy of my mind in the most effective way possible. For this, I decide to find a place where, each day, I can sit for a few minutes without interruptions, in order to focus on the self and explore the inner world of the creations of the mind – my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions.

There has been a lot of conflicting views in the world about what the mind is and how it works. In the teachings of meditation by the Brahma Kumaris, the mind, which gives rise to my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions, is seen as a faculty of the soul, not the body. It is rather like the difference between a television set and the movies seen on that set. The movies originate in the minds of the directors, not in the television set itself. The television set is just a medium for displaying the movies. So it is with all these four creations (thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions). These originate in the non-physical consciousness and not in the physical brain. The brain is just a processor of them and the body is a medium via which all four are displayed or brought onto expressions, physical gestures, words and actions. When I realize this, and really understand this difference, it very empowering. I am then able to use the power of discrimination to make choices between thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions that are useful and empowering for myself and others, and those that bring me down.


Soul Sustenance

Choosing Peace Over Anger 

Making the choice of peace is a simple choice, which lies in the hands of each one of us, at every moment right through the day, every day. A lot of people would choose a world, the world out there, made of peace but spend most of their time remaining peaceless in their own inner world, and then in their next door world, i.e. in their personal interactions. A lot of us would prefer a life of peace and we try to shape up such a life, only to be influenced by the old belief about how it’s absolutely fine to get angry once in a while, without which it’s difficult to get things done. We also get influenced by those people around us who continue to get angry for the shallowest of reasons. These people could be either at home, at the workplace, in the friend circle, the world at large or people who do not matter too much to us but whom we encounter every day – at the vegetable market, on the highway, or even in the movies for that matter! Unaware of the root causes of their anger, all these people around us will find a thousand ways to justify it, and will keep continuing with the habit in their lives. Their emotional un-clarity is so deep and addiction to the emotion of anger is so powerful that they will probably laugh at the idea that anger is a negative emotion and is form of weakness or suffering. They will, on the other hand, say that peace is timidity and a form of weakness or suffering. So, if you do choose peace over anger in your life then you are also choosing to be in a state of power and becoming free from suffering as a result. However, after having made that choice, to experience it in every moment of your life, it is necessary to rediscover where your peace is located inside you, it’s true nature or essence, how to access it through meditation and finally how to use it or apply it in your daily life.

Message for the day

To bring newness into actions means to contribute for the betterment of the self and others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris