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An Angel’s Face

An angel’s face is still because there are no lies inside.   Truth makes it a straight, simple face whose beauty lies not in its form but in the feeling it gives you.

Where there is peace there is patience.

My usual reactions to the stimuli around me are programmed, so I tend
to be impulsive or react quickly to situations, I don’t give myself
time to think or understand. Because of this lack of patience I lose
out on many things and I don’t realise that I am losing out too. At
all times I need to make a conscious effort to keep my mind peaceful
and calm, more so when there is a difficult situation. With this state
of mind I am able to deal with situations patiently because peace
brings power which in turn brings patience.

Taming (Conquering) The Mind 

In ancient times, the mind was understood to be extremely difficult to control. It was said to be like the wind: you could never catch it, or hold it – it went where it wished and no human being could become its master. In other instances, it was said that the mind was like an elephant: extremely powerful but equally gentle and patient, able to do a lot of work for its master. However, when an elephant turns wild, its gentleness and patience completely disappear and it destroys and damages everything in its path. When the mind is under stress, it resembles a wild elephant; it has no control and cannot be controlled.

Taming the mind is regarded as a great art requiring time, attention, practice and, above all, a sincerity of heart where individuals truly want to change their way of thinking. To relax, to be positive, to be peaceful and kind all require a change in our thought patterns and this can only happen when we look deeply within. However hard they try, other people cannot change us; we must have personal realization and the desire to make changes through our own effort. Permanent and positive change cannot be imposed from outside; it is something that we choose.

Soul Sustenance 

Overcoming The Loss/Separation Of A Loved One 

Living trapped in the memory of a loved one who left us, or in the memory of a situation that no longer exists, or in the memory of someone who is alive but who we no longer see (since we have physically separated), does not allow us to enjoy the present moment with freedom.

What is required during the mourning period is the capacity to make peace with the memories recorded in our consciousness. It is to reach a point where these memories do not upset us or cause us pain. It is to acknowledge that the memory of what was and no longer is, no longer generates desires, dissatisfaction, frustration or sadness.

You don’t get over the mourning of a loved one or a lost child, because you allow the memory to continue alive, in a way that it invades the consciousness and imprisons the soul. The memory suffocates the present; there exists a desire to relive a past that no longer has the possibility of existing.

Tomorrow, we shall look at some at the questions that arise in the mind in a mourning period.

Message for the day 

When the mind is healthy the body is healthy too. 

Humility Is Greatness

Humility Is Greatness





Just as a tree that is full of fruit bows down for others to take the fruit, one who is humble will always live in self respect and treat others with respect.

Inner Stability

The normal reaction for anyone in a situation where there is chaos and
confusion is to react with inner confusion too. This confusion actually
further magnifies the negativity of the situation due to which I am not
able to take the right decisions. When I am in a chaotic situation, the
first thing I need to do is to check my own inner stability. Even if
there is negativity in the situation I need to keep my mind free from
any kind of fear, tension or confusion and I will be able to give my
best in the situation.

The Search For Happiness And A Beautiful Relationship

Throughout history, human beings have desired and searched for two things, happiness and a perfect loveful and beautiful relationship. It is interesting to realize that you cannot search for what, you have not already had or known. In other words, we search for these two things because inside us we have a deep subconscious memory of the original, perfect and eternal relationship with our Friend, Guide and Parent, the One remembered as God, Allah, Ishwar, etc. It is only when we restore our relationship with this Being is that we can experience true happiness or bliss. Bliss is the highest form of spiritual happiness we can experience. It is experienced only when we are free of all attachment, when we no longer identify wrongly with anything physical and when our inner mental state is not dependent on anything or anyone.

At its highest level and in its purest state, our relationship with God is non-dependent and unconditional, and therefore blissfulDeep within the soul, there is a memory of the bliss of this perfect union and it is this memory that inspires us to search for the perfect relationship, for the perfect happiness. However, instead of seeking it at the spiritual level, we seek at the level of personality and body. We search in those around us for the perfect partner – our soul mate. It is not incorrect to have worldly relationships, but there needs to be a deep realization inside each one of us that our true soul mate, is the One with whom we can have an ever-lasting, eternal relationship, the One with whom we have the deepest eternal bond (over a period of many births), the One from whom we will experience everlasting, eternal, unconditional attainments.

Soul Sustenance

Understanding and Overcoming Ego 
To conquer ego, humility and honesty are required. We need the courage to look into the self honestly and acknowledge that the characteristics of I know and I control exist and have to be removed, if there is to be truth and happiness inside. We need to remember the original – I am e.g. * I am a child of the Supreme Soul, similar to him in qualities and powers, * I am the soul which is seated on the Supreme Being’s (God’s) heart throne, * I am a knowledgeful soul, * I am a blissful soul who gifts everyone with the treasure of happiness etc.

Through meditation and remembering the true – I am (shared above), the pollution of the selfish ego is gradually replaced by the remembrance and the experience of the pure self: the I that is not attached to anything, or anyone, but is completely whole within itself. The expression of this pure entity is not selfish but selfless and the person begins to share with others, everything that he/she possesses – knowledge, specialties, talents, virtues etc. where necessary, facilitating the awakening of the true potential of others, just like sunlight. Light is a great facilitator. It steps in, awakens and then moves on. An ego less person acts, interacts and expresses themselves in this way. 

Message for the day 

The one with true mercy fills hope even in the ones who are hopeless. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Paint a little Peace

Paint a little Peace



Values are those things, both tangible and intangible, which we care about the most. Most of us demonstrate by our actions that our values are mostly tangible or material. But if we were to reflect for a moment we might find that what we truly value is very intangible. Love, peace and happiness are our deepest values whether we are aware of it or not. So let’s experiment. If peace is something you value, then how will you live peacefully today. You experience what you live. So if you want peace in your life…give it and you’ll live it. Or do you prefer a bit of anger and stress? We are all artists and it’s only when we paint our own life with the innate values of our spirit, which are also our eternal virtues, that we are truly creative. Paint a little peace, love and wisdom into your life today. If you do, and you make it a regular inner activity, the giving is automatic and the living is…easy!


We do pay special attention to perform actions that are special, but
not always can we perform such elevated actions that we wish to. We
tend to get caught up in the daily mundane things. So in routine life,
there is not a real experience of the specialty that is there within.
The aim is not to perform only actions that are special, but we also
need to pay special attention to make all our actions special. This can
happen when we recognize our own specialty and allow that specialty to
be revealed even in the simplest action of ours.

Understanding The Mechanism Of The Virtue Of Peace 

To experience the eternal peace of the soul world, I do the simple exercise explained yesterday and then go a step further. Having created the thought about myself that I am a sparkling star-like energy at the centre of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, visualized it and as a result experienced it, now my objective is visualizing my star like form in the soul world. With this objective in mind, I now create a simple thought that I the star-like energy will make a short journey to the soul world and back. So I create simple thoughts and visualize alongside that I, the soul am leaving my physical body and flying outside. Then I, see my star like form, slowly fly past the ceiling of the room I am in and see myself suspended in the sky (night sky makes the visualization more easy). I see myself as a point of radiant light high above many many buildings and lights. This is similar to what one would see from an aeroplane window while landing or taking off. I then see my light form going higher, past the atmosphere and going past a sea of stars and a few planets and the moon. I then take this visualization further and see myself entering the soul world, a region of soft orange-red light (this is similar to how it looks like at dusk). This region is multidimensional and unlimited in size or expanse. I see my star-like form suspended in this region, radiating rays of peace in all directions. I also see other white/golden star-like souls just like me in the same region. I spend some time in this region, in this experience. In this region my thoughts stop completely and I am only visualizing.

This is the eternal peace experienced whilst visualizing the spiritual self in the soul world. The peace experienced in this exercise is greater than in the exercise mentioned yesterday. Thus the sanskara of peace created in the soul in this exercise is deeper. After a few minutes of this experience, I see myself descending in the physical body in exactly the same way as I flew to the soul world. This is just a visualization exercise or experience and the soul does not actually leave the body and go anywhere. The two practical exercises explained in yesterday’s and today’s message can be used to experience the two types of peace mentioned. At one time, you can choose to either experience both types or only the first one. You can start with a few minutes and increase the time gradually. Continuous practice will create stronger sanskaras of peace and take you closer to your original state of peace.

Soul Sustenance

Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation –
The Power To Pack Up 

On the path of meditation, I am a traveler, on a magnificent journey. I have to make some firm choices about I what will take with me on this journey. To pack up means to learn the lessons of the present, then to move on, letting the past be past. It means not carrying the baggage of the past into my present and future, but traveling lightly from one day to the next, keeping only what is most useful to me. That way, I’ll enjoy the journey more, and move faster in the direction of my choice.

I’ll also be lighter in my relationships. The power to pack up enables me to fill each exchange I have with others with freshness and newness, instead of allowing influences from past encounters with them to affect my present attitude and behaviour. When I carry emotional or intellectual baggage from the past into my present dealings with an individual, I don’t give that person the opportunity to express himself freely: my attitude colours him with the paint of my previous experience. It is important to process the past, and learn from experience, but then finish it, so it does not block my view of how things are today.

Meditation helps me to acquire that discipline of finishing negative and wasteful thoughts i.e. inculcate the power to pack up. As the habit of self-observation develops, it doesn’t take long to understand how negative thoughts and feelings literally negate my central aim, of re-emerging my true nature. Negativity drains the battery of the soul faster than anything else does. 

Message for the day

To be responsible for each thought, word and action is to be free from questions. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Interfere Lovefully

Interfere Lovefully

Peter D’souza <bkpeter1961@gmail.com>
2 Sep at 8:48 PM
Contemplation:  Interfere Lovefully

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Interfere Lovefully

One of the deepest habits we learn is interfering in others’ lives. Even if we are not actively interfering there is a good chance it’s happening in our heads. Then, when people don’t do what we want them to do, which is usually all the time, our ability to relax is non existent. If you want to interfere successfully in someone else’s life, try this loveful approach. It begins with acceptance, continues with acknowledgement, is empowered by appreciation and ends in actualization. Only in this way can we help others be all that they can possibly be, and what else is life for, but to help others to be all that they can be. Only by making love practical in this way, can we heal our own habits of criticism, envy and blame. Accept, acknowledge and appreciate. It doesn’t mean you have to agree, comply or condone. The paradox is that we ourselves will receive the same in the process, not only from ourselves, as we become what we give, but from others along the way. Why? It’s the law!


When we start with something, which has never been done before, we
first have a doubt if we could do it. The task in itself is not very
difficult, but it is this thought that makes it seem much more
difficult than it actually is. This fear doesn’t let us use all our
potentials in an easy way. If there is a task, which is considered by
everyone to be difficult, or if I have any fear associated with it, I
need to first take a conscious thought that it is actually easy. And as
I move along I will find the solutions and I will continue to progress.
This thought enables me to be easy and finish everything easily.

Providing Emotional Support To Your Loved Ones

What do we do when friends and loved ones come to us for, and expect emotional support from us? Spirituality teaches us the right technique of providing emotional support – the technique of detached involvement, which is the technique of not being overawed, of not being affected ourselves by the emotions of others. If a friend, colleague or any loved one is upset and we also get upset (because we love them – that’s what we normally say), we cannot provide them the necessary support or the assistance to see why they are reacting emotionally and how they might change the nature of their emotions by themselves. True love for someone would mean that I am able to provide them that. While being concerned is fine, but by becoming upset, seeing them upset simply aggravates the situation and adds fuel to their fire.

By remaining detached, we can be more effective in our ability to care, listen and help them think clearly about the situation, they find themselves in. Only if we are stable, and that can happen only when we are detached, will we be able to provide them stability. We can encourage and empower them to change their negative reaction to a more positive response, and thereby generate a healthier energy. If we become over-involved in someone else’s problems, there is a risk that our own judgment will be affected negatively. This is why making decisions and choices under the influence of your own and others’ emotions is normally ineffective.

Soul Sustenance

Experiencing Spiritual Growth Through Group Interactions 

Message for the day

The method to overcome fear is to keep giving power to others. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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Contemplation: MaturityContemplation: Maturity

Contemplation: MaturityContemplation: Maturity

Image may contain: Dharmendra Dubey


As we mature spiritually there is less need to have our self-respect bolstered by praise and special attention. As our thought processes become more compassionate and less self obsessed, we feel increasingly satisfied with ourselves and with our lives. We relate to people more easily and feel no need to draw attention to our successes or complain about our problems.


When we come into interaction with others we are concerned with their
negative aspects. We are aware of where they are going wrong and we
try to correct them too. But usually the other person doesn’t realize
his mistake. The more we try to emphasize on negativity, the more
difficult it becomes to make the other person realize. On one hand, we
find that he is not benefited and on the other hand, we are filling
ourselves with negativity too. The best business in life is that of
seeing specialties and contributing our own specialties for others’
growth. When we are aware of others’ specialties, we are able to
encourage them to use them for growth. Also we are free from
negativity. Further, using our own specialties enriches others and
ourselves too. These specialties are easily available for us at the
time of need, for having used them constantly.

Signs Of Depression And Coming Out Of It

You feel depressed when you lack happiness and optimism about the possibilities that you have and a constantly negative consciousness and vision is produced. You lose hope. In depression you lack an interest in things. You are sensitive to criticisms, even if they are very little. You feel sadness, impatience, a lack of perspectives. You try to reach satisfaction through material means, like, for example, eating too much, eating sweet things, etc.

You get depressed because you remember past errors; because you need the experience of love in life; because you have developed the habit of seeing only the negative in each situation, without sensing that a positive side exists. The imagination behaves in a negative way; it is weakening, depressing and even destructive. Nothing seems attractive to you and you feel unmotivated.

To get out of this state it is important to accept yourself; keep a mental state of a detached observer; don’t allow the mind to cling to depressing thoughts and tune it into the positive aspects of life. Sometimes negativity and weakness have overwhelmed you to such a point that in order to get out of that state you need a “bombardment” of positivism: go on a spiritual retreat or holiday to a suitable destination; surround yourself by good company; attend a course of personal development; get out of that state in which you are closed into yourself. Take the step. Nobody can do it for you.

Soul Sustenance

Cooking And Eating With A Spiritual Touch 

When the subtle, spiritual aspect of cooking is taken into consideration, the role of the cook extends from simply creating tasty, nourishing meals with fresh ingredients, to including a spiritual connection with those who will be eating that food. The aim will be to touch and fill the heart as well as the stomach. The love of the cook, and his or her motivation to offer sustenance, will nourish as much as the physical components of each dish. Food cooked by a person who is angry, depressed or full of arrogance or hatred will have a different effect from food cooked with feelings of love, peace and the pure desire to serve. In other words, we are what we eat but also the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that go into what we are eating. Even in today’s hectic lifestyle, when there sometimes seems to be hardly enough time to cook, let alone do so peacefully and caringly, it is therefore definitely beneficial to develop a positive attitude towards cooking. Before undertaking any food preparation, remind yourself that the task at hand can and should be an enjoyable and creative activity or experience, rather than an unpleasant, time-consuming activity. A good practice, then, is to meditate before cooking and then to let preparing the meal itself be a creative, meditative experience which yields a balanced, health-promoting diet for the body as a temple for the soul deity. Food always tastes better when it has been flavored or with love and happiness.

Message for the day

True fortune comes to the one who recognizes and uses his treasures with an honest heart.

In Spiritual Service

Brahma Kumaris

Beyond Judgement

Beyond Judgement

Beyond Judgement


If I’ve done nothing wrong, and my attitude is well-meaning, a difficult situation is just a test for my ability to remain beyond the judgement of others.

Gut Feelings

When faced with decisions, most of us experience a gut feeling. Your gut feeling ‘knows’ what you need and what to do. But sometimes gut feelings can be wrong.

To make better decisions, listen to your gut feelings, but verify it with logic and data.

The Gender Of God

In a large number of religious traditions, all over the world, God is always referred to as a male entity. But, just as the soul does not have a gender and is neither masculine nor feminine, God’s i.e. the Supreme Soul’s gender is neither male nor female specifically. Therefore, as a soul, a spiritual child of God, I can come close to God without any inhibitions or difficulty, which I may experience in any relationship in the physical world, due to the gender of the body I am occupying.

We need to take a look at the Supreme Being or God closely. The Supreme Being is the Supreme Mother who provides spiritual sustenance and whose love is full of unconditional acceptance. No matter what has happened, how my nature or personality may be, I experience unconditional acceptance from God. It’s a love that strengthens me, as well as it purifies me. At the same time, God is also the Supreme Father, a very powerful entity, who provides protection and fills the soul with the inheritance of divine qualities and powers. It’s a question of just being an innocent child and claiming that inheritance. These are the first two relationships that have to be experienced with God. The Supreme is a balance of being feminine, having the qualities of caringgiving and full of good wishes and masculine at the same time, having the qualities ofpowerauthority and fearlessness. He is She and She is He. These two relationships with God, whereby God plays both the roles of both parents are the basis of my spiritual development. Spirituality introduces to us the concept of taking a new spiritual birth to the Supreme Father and Mother. This birth is based on a change of consciousness. One needs to let go of the negative, impure and sorrowful past and develop a new consciousness, based on the present introduction to spirituality, which is positive, pure and blissful. The awareness of the self as a soul changes my way of looking at things immensely, but the consciousness of being a child of God, who is the Mother as well as the Father and seeing others with that vision brings respect and love for myself. Then all these qualities start showing in my actions and interactions as well.


Soul Sustenance

Role Induced Stress 

It’s not at all wrong to treat what we do seriously, but it’s a mistake to believe what we do is extremely extremely important and we are extremely busy people living an extremely busy lifestyle. This kind of consciousness makes us over-serious. A very common sign of this is carrying a lot of thoughts of one role into the other. E.g. Aarti, a young mother, switches roles from a software executive in the corporate sector, a role which she plays in the entire day, to a parent and wife in the evening. If she is over thinking about her day-role while playing her evening-role, it is a sign she is over-identifying with her day role and there is a lack of detachment. As a result she starts becoming over-serious and suffers from role induced stress as a result. There is a deep connection between seriousness and fear. E.g. In this case of Aarti, as a result of attachment to her role, there are lots of fears that she carries regarding her role of software executive – fear of loss of position; loss of love, respect and reputation – either in her company or in general in society, not succeeding, not getting promoted etc. because of which she is over-serious and she carries the role in her head almost all the time, even when she sleeps. That is why so called extremely busy people sometimes complain of sleep problems. 

This can happen with us, with any role we play. This kind of stress, just like in the case of the actor (explained yesterday) is generally made up sorrow, anger and fear – one of these three different negative emotions from time to time or more than one at the same time – phases of dejection or feeling low or a lack of enthusiasm or a general disinterest in life events; phases of frustration and experiencing a lack of control of events and people, due to which there are frequent outbursts of anger and phases of immense worry regarding the future, all of which affect our mind, our physical body, relationships and even success of our role; although it is our role itself (our over-identification with it) which is the root cause of this emotional turmoil inside us. So instead of be benefitting our role, our over-concern for it starts affecting it adversely. 

Message for the day

Understanding brings happiness.

Complete Everything

Complete Everything

Contemplation: Complete Everything

 Image may contain: one or more people

Artist: Vladimir Volegov

Complete Everything

A task left undone remains undone in two places -at the actual location of the task, and inside your head. Incomplete tasks in your head consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience. They siphon off a little more of your personal power every time you delay. No need to be a perfectionist, that’s debilitating in an imperfect world, but it’s good to be a ‘completionist’. If you start it, finish it…or forget it. Do it – or dump it! 


It is very natural to help someone when we see them in need. At that
time we don’t expect anything from them and continue to extend help.
But when we need help or support we begin to expect from those whom we
had helped and if they don’t, our feelings are hurt. At the time
that we are providing help, we need to consciously remind ourselves not
to have expectations. Again when we need help and find ourselves
expecting from others, we need to explain to ourselves that whatever
help we have given will surely come back to us at the right time. The
seed that we have sown will not be wasted away but will surely bear

The Art Of Forgetting In Relationships

Sometimes, someone says something in two minutes that makes you feel really bad – they said it in two minutes but it is still there inside the register of your mind two months or even two years later. How could they! Who do they think they are! Something happened in two minutes and you remember it, you repeat it again in your mind and in your words during interactions with others. You keep replaying the scene repeatedly in your mind. Just like an action replay of a cricket match, you see the replays from different angles and judge the scene in many different and negative ways and come to different conclusions, most of which are negative in nature. With this you strengthen that experience in your mental register. Memories and the experiences associated with the memories replayed continuously in the conscious mind enter your sub-conscious, so that even after a long period of time you remember what they said to you. The other person unburdened themselves and forgot it straightaway.

It’s like your neighbour who takes out rubbish, throws it outside his house, into your compound and forgets about it and you allow that rubbish to remain there, without thinking of getting it cleaned. Someone throws a few words at you and they forget, but not only do you not forget but you repeat them in your mind to such a point that at times these action replays do not even let you sleep. We need to learn the art of forgetting memories that generate shadows of hurt or pain in our present. The past has already gone and what you have now is the present moment.

Soul Sustenance

Principles for the Body To Make Early Morning Meditation Successful (cont.) 

• Freshen the self before morning meditation, with a shower or a hot drink. Avoid speaking before the meditation.

• Sit with an upright posture, away from the walls or comfortable chairs. If the body is ill, awaken but sit comfortably, and do not force the self.

• Have a good circulation of fresh air.

• Subtle lighting creates an atmosphere of meditation. If it is too dark it will lead to sleepiness; if it is too light there will be eye-strain.

• Burn incense sticks (“agarbattis”), only if it doesn’t irritate your and others’ eyes and throats.

Message for the day

Our words are effective only when we combine them with pure thoughts and inspirational actions. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris




Artist: Elisabetta Trevisan

Detachment does not mean we don’t care about what is going on in the world. Detachment does not mean coldness or hardness. It just means we learn to stand back and observe for a moment. Detachment gives us that ‘space of time’ to create a measured response and not to be overruled by habitual reaction.

When I do something, there’s sure to be some criticism that comes my
way. But I am not always able to take it in the right spirit. I tend to
give a lot of explanations and excuses to others and myself. When I
give excuses in this way I finish the ability to learn and so I am not
able to experience constant progress. Whenever I am faced with
criticism I need to reinforce my faith in whatever I am doing. When I
am sure of myself, and the task that I am involved in, I will be able
to learn from whatever the others tell me. I will no longer give
excuses but go on bringing improvement to whatever I am doing.


The Art Of Stepping In And Stepping Out In Relationships


For any activity, or relationship to remain peaceful and successful, we must know how far to step in and how far to step out. It is like a gardener who sows seeds at the right time, steps in to plant and water them and then steps out of the picture to allow nature to carry on with her work. However, from time to time, he steps in again to see if there is enough water, if any insects are attacking the plants, if any food is needed. His role is to find the appropriate space for the potential beauty and uniqueness of the seeds to emerge; he does not create the flowers but facilitates their expression. The gardener does not step in too much; that would be called interference. After planting the seeds, he does not demand an immediate result; he does not dig them up next day to see if they have sprouted. He plays his role, fulfils his duty, but lets go because he understands the blooming of the flowers is not dependent on him. Nor does he let go too much. If he did, then the plants would die from lack of care, or the insects and weeds would destroy them. He does not let go so much that he isolates himself from the process. Instead, by knowing when to step in and when to step out, he creates a respectful partnership or relationship with nature.

Tomorrow we shall apply this example to real life relationships.


Soul Sustenance

Injustices And Suffering In The World – Applying The Law of Karma

An understanding of the laws of action reminds us that whatever we give we get, and whatever we get is the result of what we have given. When we apply this understanding into our awareness while we watch apparent injustices in the world, it reduces our outrage, lessening our pain. It’s not that we sit passively and allow people to bring about suffering upon others, but it helps us to see that the greatest or highest contribution that we can make, to both the victim and the sinner, is to help them remember who they are and help them rise above their anger and fear towards each other. Only in this way can we help them to liberate themselves from an exchange of energy that has perhaps been going on for centuries.

But before we can effectively do this for others, it is necessary to try and do it for ourselves. Instead of taking the law into our own hands (the desire for revenge and justice), we can benefit everyone around us by first understanding and living ourselves according to the invisible laws of cause and effect which define all human relationships. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘practice what you preach’, and it often requires moments of reflection before action in order to judge the consequences of any path of action. This capacity to stop, reflect and consider, in a state of mental calm and with clear intellect, is an essential characteristic of all effective leaders. It is also what makes us all potential leaders in life, every day, who can bring about world transformation through self transformation.

Message for the day


Flexibility makes problems into teachers. 

In Spiritual Service,

Guru Purnima Celebrations

Guru Purnima Celebrations




Hope you enjoyed the Guru Purnima celebrations with us either here at the Isha Yoga Center or through the livestream.


In case you missed it or you want to go back and see it again:

P.S. If you’d like to be in touch with Isha events, Sadhguru’s

Embodiment of Success

Embodiment of Success

Inline image 1


Embodiment of Success

May you become the embodiment of success by having the determination to make fruit grow even on infertile land. To become the embodiment of success in anything, a combination of determination and love is required. Just as scientists nowadays try to grow things in a desert, in the same way, continue to give the water of love with the power of silence and become fruitful. With determination, you can ignite the lamp of hope in those who are hopeless.

The way to be healthy is to have the nourishment of happiness. 



The best nourishment for both the body and mind is the nourishment of happiness. The one who is able to be in happiness under all circumstances is truly healthy. When I have the aim to be happy, I will start finding reasons to be so. Happiness brings a lot of other qualities that help me empower myself to face challenges. So, I become stronger mentally, thereby becoming physically healthier too. Today I will be happy whatever the situations or challenges I may have to face throughout the day. Instead of finding small little reasons to be upset, let me today find small little reasons to be happy. Even when everything seems to be going wrong, there is surely something that is going right or could go right with my

Connecting To The Qualities Of Others

Meditation adds immense value and depth to my relationships. It also brings closeness in them. Many obstacles and barriers, both on a physical as well as a subtle level, come between me and others when my consciousness and as a result, my perception are struck primarily in the physical dimension. If I hardly know five to ten per cent of myself, and that too mostly on the surface, my relationships are going to be similarly superficial. With my self-respect built on very weak foundations, it will tend to be delicate and I’ll be prone to trying to maintain it by thinking about and focusing my energies on others’ weaknesses, sometimes real and sometimes even imagined. I’ll also find it hard to realize and appreciate their qualities. Such is the state of so many human relationships today.

In meditation, I go into the depths of myself, and deep within my inner being, I find the beauty of peace, love and happiness that is there inside me. I also realize that this same beauty lies inside each soul. Then naturally and very easily, without any effort, I get connected to the same qualities in others. I also find the strength to do the same. I am no longer judgmental seeing others’ temporary sanskaras of negativity. I find qualities that are basically there inside every soul: the original qualities or sanskaras of each spiritual being. It’s like a basic prototype for the whole of humanity, which I deeply see and realize.

Soul Sustenance

Fulfilling the Criteria of Positivity 


In yesterday’s message we defined positivity and negativity from a spiritual perspective. Further elaborating, negativity hides my truth, and causes me to take incorrect steps during the day, without realizing, hurting myself and others yet not knowing how or why. At the level of non-physical spiritual vibrations, we are all connected with each other, as a result of which if I help others to come close to the experience of truth, a state in which the other is an embodiment of the virtues of peace, love, joy, purity and power (as defined yesterday), I will also help myself: whereas if I bring others down into a state of falsehood, the opposite, that will also bring me down. Whenever I give another soul an experience of any of these virtues, the virtue first flows through me and then touches the other. As a result there is an increase in the virtue inside me first and then the other is benefitted.

In the entire day, my words and actions may be numbered, but my thoughts are in thousands. My mind works, even when I sleep, even though I am not active physically at that time. The quality of my thoughts at that time is largely influenced by the quality of my thoughts, words and actions during the day. So I need to be aware throughout the day as to how much is each thought, word and action of mine fulfilling the criteria of positivity i.e. bringing me and others closer to a state of truth. The more my thoughts, words and actions do so; the result is an increase in an experience of inner and outer lightness in the self and a similar experience from me to those who come into my contact or whom I interact with.

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